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Friday, October 20, 2006

Wow.. Another "Century's" Update.. :P

Today, I suddenly feel like updating my blog after saw Hiyashi's MSN's status = o.O||| Erm, should I thanks her for remind me to update my little bloggie? Or i should not thanks her, because she remind to use back my proper English, which I had already abandon for very long time.. Haha~! Everytime when i update my blog, is the only time i TYPE with proper language, if i don't use a proper one, i will get spank by my "bf", Hey, don't think too much, bf=best friend.. Ha ha~! Oh ya, everytime i update my blog, i need to remind Hiyashi that, I"M STILL ALIVE~!!! hahahaha...

This few months, actually i didn't back KL, i always just stay at Ipoh, which is not a good thing. I had forgotten most of my softwares, and now, i don't have the confident to search for a new job. The reason i always stay at Ipoh is because, at first, my brother ask me to help him. So, waited times past by, I just stay at Ipoh to help my mother. After some time, for some reason, my eldest brother came back from Singapore, and 3 of us will work together. This is consider a good choice? I don't know. I had think so much, whether i should stay there to help my brother, or just go out and find a job which i love more. I am quite tension this few months, which i always been ask by people when i online. "Eva, you didn't work today?" "Eva, why you so "senang" one? No need work?" "Eva, faster go find a job lar~" "Eva, good lor, you can stay at home holiday and do nothing, i want also cannot." etc etc... Actually, everyone think i am so happy to stay at home do nothing. But i just can say, i don't like, i don't wish to, and do you all know how i wish i can work? But for some reason, I can't. I wish now i'm working, although is tension and tired, but at least this is the thing i like. I cried, I tense, I sad, because already 5 months, I had done nothing, but just wait. I really feel that I am just wasting time in this 5 months with doing nothing. I had once, cry for whole night, that is the time i really cannot stand for the stress and sadness. I need to release out. Thanks for accompany me that night, dear. If don't have you, i think i wont stand for the stress and collapse. That night, alots of things happen in one time. Really sad, but now.. everything is ok already, I am ok.

Recently, I don't know why i keep get connected with something i don't wish to know or wish to get into with. Friends problem, relationship problem, this and that. Ow, really headache. Wish all this will over soon. :) Yea i know it would. And one more thing that always bothering me, should i work for my brother, or i find a job that i like? Aaaaa... How?

Sigh, I think just let it be, if i can search a good job, i work for it, if not.. better stay at my brother there. Gambatte Eva, Yosh~! Wish me luck that i can find a good job soon.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another Long Time Update~!

After 2 months past by, I finally update my bloggie again.. :P Lazy me... Although I am extremely lazy, but I still have to make sure that, Yukira San can know that I am still alive.. haha... Okok.. enough of nonsense.. (Dun hit my head oh Yukira San..)

13th August - A BIG BIG DAY OF MY LIFE


Today, is MMU 2006 Convocation. Yey, I am 100% graduate ^^ Wearing a big big robe, seems so funny.. Our faculty robe is green colour one, most striking color.. :P hehehehe... The ceremony started at 7.45, we went to the new hall of MMU, oww... so big hall.. Now the new face of MMU is so big.. and nice.. Why just when we graduate, the new things all appear.. so sad.. sobs sobs.. Today very happy, met alot of old friends, that we didn't contact and see for a long time.. How's you all life? Good? :) Take care ya~

30th August - A Day That I Suddenly Realise About Need To Update Bloggie

Today, wake up, do housework.. eat breakfast.. just like normal day... But.. I still haven't find a job, HAVEN'T WORK YET!! haha... What a lazy fellow~ @.@ YOSH~! I must not lazy anymore.. T_T

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Long Long Time Update..

Is been a long long time i never touch this blog already.. I remember Yukira San told me need to update blog at least once in a month.. now.. i fulfill my promise.. i will always update the blog.. to let you all know that im stil ok.. :) Hm.. this blog.. need to write start from June story.. actually.. this 2 months.. nothing much happen.. still normal days.. normal life.. but.. This 2 months im staying in Ipoh, not Kl.

June - 19th, 2006

I think today is the most.. erm.. what to say.. I think im officially back to single.. :) Hm.. abit sad.. but.. stil.. Im OK. :) After the long think.. since end of May until end of June.. I think this is the best decision.. Hope you will have a better life.. I'm fine with single life.. :)

June - 28th, 2006

My 22th, finally reach.. owww.. I'm older 1 more year already.. thanks to all my friends that remember my birthday.. Thanks.. :D oh ya.. i need to thanks 1 more people, Bro, Ck.. Thanks for giving me a memorable birthday "party" at 23th, 1st time i celebrate birthday with 2 same date birthday girl and birthday boy.. hehe.. 3 of us.. same date.. but I'm the oldest among 3 of us.. hehe.. I'm 22, Ck 21 and the girl is 20... :p Thanks Tfong that you are the 1st person to call me.. hehe.. so happy to receive your call.. i think we already almost 1 year + never meet already, how's your life going on? miss you guys alot..

July - 13th, 2006

Today, is the day i remember to update my bloggie.. Today i'm quite happy, finally got a multimedia company called me ask for interview.. hehe.. ME= the lazy fello.. Finally send resume to find job.. :P Duno i can get the job or not.. ~.~ I hope i can get the job, or else, i will go singapore to find job already.. Sigh.. I think just let it be, "shui yuan" bah~! Wish me luck then.. ^^ Yosh~! Eva jia you ^^

Recently, I'm into KAT-TUN and Justin mood.. haha... my playlist.. keep repeating this few songs.. repeat and repeat.. I think got 1 person will be the most happy.. Yukira san.. hehehe.. I let you influence until i like KAT-TUN already.. happy now? kekkekeke.. :P ok lar.. enough of nonsence already.. hehe.. just let you know that im doing fine here.. no worries.. take care and gambatte in your work.. ^^


Sunday, May 28, 2006


Hmm.. Today finally finish move out from hostel.. I finish my final presentation on Thursday, sigh.. the presentation.. just seems like not going well also.. When i saw everyone's work, just feel how tiny I am in Media Innovation. I just can't imagine how bad my work during the presentation, just feel kind of sad. Lecturers give marks just see the presentation, they didn't see the progress. Sigh.. other people's work.. really so amazing and great.. I can imagine what i will get for my marks.. But i had try my best.. i just hope i can get what i should deserve.. a pass is meant to me already.. Somemore, my hard disk.. corrupted at 2 days before my final presentation.. sigh.. wat a day.. so black.. all my things is not yet able to backup.. it gone.. T_T

Today, go back hostel and clear all my things to graduate. I hope i can graduate.. Just so scared of the exams.. Because not enough time to study also.. Why.. We work so hard in the beginning.. but end like this? I work so hard at alpha year, beta and gamma.. But when reach delta year, all my spirit of work just like all gone.. I relly tired and no energy to go further more.. I am so tired.. Now finally.. i graduate.. But i just feel so empty.. Seems like everything is just left me so far.. Work.. Study.. No idea for my future yet.. Sigh..

Graduate? I just hope i can overcome all this..

Monday, May 15, 2006

Thank YOU~!

13th May 2006..

Waaa... What a day!! $&#^&@^&#* Exam is coming soon.. but stil not yet touch the notes.. Final Year Project date is coming nearer and nearer.. But.. We still duno when is the date for presentation and submission.. We are just scaring for a unknown deadline... Sigh... File corrupted.. My Dearest computer sot plak.... "ba gong" Then i think of asking roommate to help me on my final year project, BUT STILL all the softwares can't install inside their pc's... WHAT A DAY!!! Sigh... Life is so hard for me.. This dearly pc.. really cause a lot of unneccesary trouble to me.. PC hang.. without a reason.. is so normal to me.. PC restart without a reason.. stil a normal thing.. just like eating rice... sigh.. But.. i still to thanks this pc lar.. already go though alot of things with me in this 4 years in Uni.. Without you, i really cant do anything.. After so long depression.. finally i see hope.. My family came to find me in cyber.. After listening my troubles about my final year project.. She decided to bring me to my brother's place to do my work.. Im so touch.. ^^ Thanks MAMA.. THanks MY BELOVED family... LOVE YOU ALL ~!

Awww.. after come to my brother house... only know they need to go "out station" @_@ home alone again.. aaaaaa... Luckily my 3d thing is able to render in their pc's.. at least got something good today.. !!!! sigh.. i just to tired of everything.. until i wan to stop study.. at the last 2 weeks.. T_T NO NO.. I MUST GAMBATTEEEE!!! TO THE END!!! I MUST GRADUATE!!! d-.-b

15th May 2006

Hmm... today... is another day of tiredness.. :(( but.. STILL i din study for my exam which is supposingly held on tomorrow 2.30 PM Cyberpreneurship.. HOW HOW HOW!!! I am still rendering my MAYA.. pity me.. My friend ask me to polish my GUN~ and buy enough bullets... 80 Questions.. buy 100 bullets ngam ngam hou.. Tomorrow go the exam hall and "TEMBAK!! " 100 bullets to tembak IN CASE i MISS!! HAHA.. wish me luck then.. :P

ANYWAY.. WISH ALL MI= Media Innovation ppl.. WISH OUR MISSION IMPOSSIBLE is able to finish on time.. sigh.. Good Luck to ALL @_____@ and WIsh myself some good luck too.. YOsH!!!! Ja~!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blue Tuesday..

09 May, 2006, Tuesday. Hmm.. What's so special about today? Haha.. actually is nothing special about today.. :P Sigh.. Im sick.. Dont know what reason.. Feel so dizzy, so headache everyday.. When i open my final year assignment, straight i feel like sleep.. haha.. What make me so sick of it? Hmm.. Really alot alot of reasons that me feel so sick of it >.<>

Blue Tuesday.. Why i choose this as the title.. Is because this is my another favourite song title - Blue Tuesday. This should be a sad song.. but i just dunno why i like it so much.. NICE~

Blue Tuesday


Yo baby, I'll love you forever
So please, please be by my side

いつもの君の電話を 待ってしまう また 
1時間 2時間過ぎて
あと5分待ってみようと まだ思っているよ

会わないし 電話もしない

Baby won't you stay with me
最後の夜の ぬく もりが今
まるで君のように 一歩ずつ遠ざかる

あんなに笑い あんなに泣いて
さびしがってばかりの 君はもういないんだ

あの街も あの海も
あの夜空も 消えてしまう

スタジアムには2つの 空席があるだろう

未来を悲しむことは もうよそうと思う

さよならだけが 永遠いなぐ2人

Baby won't you stay with me
その横顔が 大人びた時
たしかに 聞こえるのに

あの風も あの雨
もあの三日月も 消えてしまう

Stay with me


Baby won't you stay with me
最後の夜の ぬく もりが今
まるで君のように 一歩ずつ遠ざかる

あんなに笑い あんなに泣いて
さびしがってばかりの 君はもういないんだ

あの街も あの海も
あの夜空も 消えてしまう

Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Favourite Song..

Precious One

Time goes by 僕らは いくつもの出会いと別れをくり返す
Here I am 誰かの 優しさに甘えて 何かを見失った

今 過ぎ去った季節を数え 1人きりの夜 何を思う?

Sometime 時になぜか 胸に迫る Loneliness
I don't want to be all alone 切なくて

Oneday いつの日にか 見つかるさ precious one
空見上げれば ほらね ひとつの shining star

Tell me Why どうして 僕たちはこんなに愛を求めるのかな?

Ah・・・ 星空は正直だね 優しくきらめき 僕を飾る

Somewhere どこかにいる 大切な Only one
You're not all alone anymore 1人じゃない

Someday いつか会える 運命のsomeone you'll love
ふと気がつけば ほらね 君のそばにいる

たとえ million years 時が過ぎても
We never change No worries You'll be alright
Your precious only one  必ず出会えるさ
One day you'll find この地球で I believe in love

Sometime 時になぜか 胸に迫る Loneliness
I don't want be all alone 切なくて

Somewhere どこかにいる大切な Only one
You're not all alone anymore 1人じゃない

Someday いつか会える 運命の someone you'll love
ふと気がつけば ほらね 君のそばにいる
You'll meet your only one

Somewhere どこかにいる大切な Only one
You're not all alone anymore 1人じゃない

Sometime 時になぜか 胸に迫る Loneliness
I don't want be all alone only one

Time goes by We are repeating many meetings and farewells
Here I am depending on someones kindness and lost sight of something

now, I am counting the passing seasons In a night where you are only by yourself, what are you thinking?

Sometime not knowing the time the Loneliness draws nearer to [my] chestI don’t want to be all alone painfully

Oneday Oneday I'll find [my] Precious One

If you look up to the sky, look, one Shining Star

Tell me Why I wonder why we are looking for such a love

Ah the starry sky is honesty The tender glitter is decorating me

Somewhere Somewhere it exists [my] precious Only One
You’re not all alone anymore You’re not alone

Someday Someday you can meet your destined Someone you'll love
Suddenly you’ll notice, look, I’m near you

Even if Million Years pass
We never change No worries You'll be alright
Your precious only one You can meet him/her/it**
One day you’ll find [it] on this star I believe in love
for ever

Sometime not knowing the time the Loneliness draws nearer to [my] chest
I don’t want be all alone painfully

Somewhere Somewhere it exists [my] precious Only One
You’re not all alone anymore You’re not alone

Someday Someday you can meet your destined Someone you'll love
Suddenly you’ll notice, look, I’m near you

You’re near me
You'll meet your only one

Somewhere Somewhere it exists [my] precious Only One
You’re not all alone anymore You’re not alone

Sometime not knowing the time the Loneliness draws nearer to [my] chest
I don't want be all alone only one

Precious One~

Actually, what is call love? When a relationship starts, its really a precious time for both. What they do, in the other's eye, is still always the best thing. Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder - This is really true. When a relationship start, everything is beautiful, what they do, what they say, people will not think the bad things of their love ones. But i wonder why, when a problem starts, everything in their eyes started become so bad. Even talk, also bad, whatever they do, still the worst in the other's eyes. Is this what people say, hot in the beginning but cold in the end? When you love someone, whatever they do is best but when you no longer love him/her, what he/she do will become a nightmare to you. Actually, just sit down and think back, you will realise alot of things. For you, maybe you will think the problem is a big matter. But if you relly use a clear mind to think, you will know, when a relationship have problem, time is the best way to solve it. Give each other a bit of time, maybe both of them will realise where the problem occur and solve it wisely. Why must make the problem until no way to turn back? When a relationship start, is because both got fate only can be together. Never think that relationship is just one way, a relationship need both party to maintain. Both also need to sacrifice. So, just precious the one you love, precious them. They are your precious one~